Oil Engine Listing - 1920s & 1930s

This page lists many, if not most, of Davey Paxman's Vertical Heavy-Fuel-Oil engines and Heavy Duty Diesels built in the late 1920s and during the 1930s. (For the history of the development of these types, and technical details, see the pages Heavy-Fuel-Oil Engines and Heavy Duty Diesel Engines.)  Also included are some of Paxman's first Vee form engines, the VRA and VRB, introduced in 1936 and 1937 respectively.

The details of nearly 500 engines are of interest for the picture they give of the range of engines produced by the Company at that time, their applications, who they were sold to and Paxman's export markets. In addition they will be of interest to those seeking information about surviving engines from this era.

The listing is based on a photocopy of a document originally printed from microfilm in Paxman's Service Department. The references to certain films which appear on the original documents have been retained in case one day a researcher might find them useful but for most purposes they can be ignored.

The listing here follows the order of the original, and many details have been added from old Paxman order books and other sources. Whilst considerable care has been taken in trying to preserve accuracy in the transcription of the information, your attention is drawn to the website's Disclaimer of liability. Notification of any errors or additional details would be appreciated.

Against each Contract (Order) Number is shown the engine type and the name of the agent and/or customer. The engine number is also shown where we have been able to confirm this from copies of old order books. The available books only cover orders received up to the end of September 1934. Where no engine number is shown it can usually be calculated by adding 6030 to the Contract Number, except where the latter starts with a 5. Where a date (generally in dd-mm-yy format) is shown in the Agent/Customer column, this refers to the date of despatch from Colchester unless indicated otherwise. Where dates are shown for two or more engines, these are for the relevant engines in order number sequence.

If the orders numbers shown on this page are put in sequence, it will be found that very many are missing. The explanation is quite simple. At this stage of the Company's history, oil engines were by no means Paxman's main product. Steam boilers, such as the Economic, and ammonia compressors were being manufactured in large numbers, not to mentioned other items like paint mills. Order numbers were allocated in sequence regardless of the type of product.

In the Customer/Notes column there are many references to AGE and Noyes Brothers. AGE refers to Agricultural & General Engineers, the combine to which Paxman belonged from 1920 until AGE failed in 1932 when the Courts declared it bankrupt. Noyes Brothers of Sydney were the major agents for Paxman engines in Australia during the AGE era.

Totals of early compression-ignition engines despatched by the company, as recorded in an old Paxman data sheet, are reproduced in the Appendix at the foot of this page.

Index by Engine Type

The original listing is by engine type, not Contract (Order) Number. Use one of the links below to go directly to the listing for a particular engine type:

VF / VFE •  MF •  VH / VHE •  MH •  VK / VKE •  VN / VNE / VNS •  VPE

VZ •  MZ / MZS •  VX •  MX •  VY •  MY •  VRA / VRB

Types VF and VFE

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
Film No: 1/VF, VFE   Film No: 4
1680422834VF(25/29 bhp) Dundee Technical College. 08-03-28
16824228542VF(50 bhp) Blackstone, Australia. 30-04-28
16843228732VFJ T Wade & Sons for A Abbot, West Wycombe. 08-05-28
16872229022VFAGE Ltd, South Africa for South African Railways, Johannesburg. 21-05-28
16902229322VFAGE Ltd, Buenos Aires for Jaime Sole e Hijos. 03-07-28
1691822948VFDerby Technical College. 20-07-28
1693922969VF(Marine) Alex Robertson & Sons, Sandbank, Glasgow. 08-02-29. Returned to Works and re-sold - name of new customer illegible.
1697623006VFNorthern Daily Mail Co Ltd, West Hartlepool.
both sent 11-12-28
1700123031VFChas. Burrell & Sons, Thetford.
both sent 27-03-29
Notes in the order book: (i) These engines have been taken over by East Anglian Elec Supply Co Ltd, Electricity House, Stowmarket; (ii) Sept 1934 - these two engines now installed at Davies Brothers (West Drayton) Ltd, Tavistock Road, W Drayton; (iii) both later with James Davies (Timber Merchants) Ltd, Evesham Road, London W10.
17003230332VFChas. Burrell & Sons, Thetford. 18-05-29
17043230734VFHollington Bros, Colchester. 19-12-28
17048230783VFJ E Hall Ltd (South Africa)- H S Co, Villiersdorp. 20-12-28
1705723087VFT Johnson & Co Ltd, Stansted, Essex. 25-02-29
17080231103VFAGE (South Africa) Ltd, for power generation at Knysna. 04-05-29
17081231113VFAGE (South Africa) Ltd, for power generation at Knysna. 29-04-29
17084231143VFJohn West & Sons, Braintree. 13-05-29
17119231492VFBlackstone & Co - Marshalls Showroom, Bombay. 13-04-29. Returned to Works in 1933 and sold to W Isaac & Sons for North Devon Cold Storage Co under 18108.
1714123171VFAGE (Johannesburg) - South African Railways, Cedarmont. 15-02-29
17145231753VFUnited Dairies, Calverley, Cheshire. 11-06-29
1715123181VFAGE Ltd (Barcelona). 17-04-29. Engine returned and used for 17466.
17159231892VFAGE Ltd (Johannesburg). 08-06-29
1716623196VFHalstead Urban District Council, Essex. 22-05-29
17217232472VFJames Armstrong & Co, Leamington Laundry. 11-05-29
1724823278VFAGE Australia - R C Mee. 24-06-29
1724923279VFAGE Australia. 19-08-29
1727123301VFE H Price, Bret Works, Hadleigh. Destroyed by fire and replaced by a VH engine see 18241
17292233222VFAGE (Johannesburg) - to Durban for
South African Railways & Harbours.
sent: 03-10-29; 02-11-29; 03-10-29; 02-11-29; 02-12-29
17364233942VFEEastbourne Water Works - Friston Pumping Station.
sent: 29-06-31; 03-11-31.
17374234042VFAGE Export Dept, Shanghai, China. 16-12-29
1743123461VFFison Packard & Prentice Ltd. 17-02-30
17439234693VFUnited Dairies Ltd, Whitland, Carmarthenshire.
sent: 06-06-30; 20-06-30.
17447234772VFBrewers Invert Co, Bristol (Duttson Knight Ltd). 03-04-30
17451234812VFJames Armstrong & Co for Mayfair Laundry. 10-03-30
1745223482VFValencia Radio Station (G.P.O.). 07-04-30
1746623496VFBirmingham Education Committee for Birmingham Central Technical College. 17-04-30. (Engine returned from 17151 used for this order.)
1746823498VFAGE (South Africa) Ltd. 15-04-30
1746923499VFAGE (South Africa) Ltd. 05-05-30
1747023500VFBathford Paper Mills. 14-05-30
17484235142VFERoyal Show, Manchester. 30-06-30
17487235174VFMather & Platt for Westgate & Birchington Water Co. 27-10-30
17530235604VFEAGE South Africa for Ceres Cold Storage Co. 02-09-30
17531235614VFEAGE South Africa for Ceres Cold Storage Co. 09-09-30
17547235772VFEmpire Marketing Board. 03-06-30
1755023580VFCrawley Agrimotor Co Ltd. 20-05-30. (Engine returned from 16939 used for this.)
17560235904VFEHome Block Plant (Army & Navy Co-operative Society Ltd). Sep 1930
17565235952VFEAGE for Canadian National Exhibition. 24-07-30.
Returned to Colchester Oct 1930 and used for 17671.
17578236082VFEAGE South America for Barreto Mendez, San Carlos. 16-09-30
17585236152VFEOxford Corporation Water Works, Swinford.
both sent Sep 1933
Each rated 65 bhp and driving a generator at the new Swinford pumping station.
17622236522VFBaerlein Bros, Lisbon. 24-11-30
17624236542VFAGE British Exhibition, Buenos Aires. 10-12-30
17637236673VFUnited Dairies, Calverley. 18-12-30
(see film 1/Misc No 25)
17666236964VFEReavell & Co, for RAF, Gosport.
sent: 11-05-31; 04-06-31.
1767023700VFESaffron Waldon Sanitary Laundry. 28-11-30
17671237012VFESuffolk Iron Foundry. 06-01-31.
(Taken from 17565)
17678237082VFEJ Dowling & Sons Ltd for Newtownards Hospital. 13-05-31
17699237294VFEAGE Ltd for Bahoshy Brothers, Amarah Pumping Station. 14-03-31
17701237314VFEUnited Dairies Ltd, Wootton Bassett. 11-05-31
17702237324VFEUnited Dairies Ltd, Rugby. 04-05-31
17705237352VFEAGE Ltd, Noyes Bros (Brisbane) for Emerald Lighting Co. 25-02-31
Now in preservation at Rockhampton Heritage Village, Queensland. See more on Diesels in Australia page.
17708237384VFEExpress Dairy Co Ltd, Billingshurst, Sussex.
sent 28-02-31; 14-05-31.
17731237612VFEExpress Dairy Co Ltd, Appleby, Westmoreland.
sent 02-05-31; 08-05-31.
17743237732VFEAGE South Africa for power generation at Bredasdorp Municipality.
sent 17-07-31; 18-07-31.
1776223792VFEAGE Ltd for Argentina. In order book Argentina is crossed out and Valparaiso, Chile, has been entered.
all sent 04-09-31
17771238016VFEAGE South Africa for Elgin Cold Storage. 07-09-31
17793238232VFESuffolk Iron Foundry, Stowmarket. 20-08-31
17804238343VFE(105/115 bhp) Rose, Downs & Thompson, Shanghai. 19-09-31
17831238613VFEUnited Dairies Ltd, Dorset.
both sent 04-01-32
17842238722VFEUnited Dairies Ltd, North Elmham, Norfolk. 04-01-32
17869238994VFEAGE Noyes Bros, Australia for Rabaul, New Britain, Papua New Guinea.
both sent 17-12-31
17872239024VFEUnited Dairies Ltd, Melksham, Wiltshire. 01-04-33
17873239034VFEUnited Dairies Ltd, Highbridge, Somerset. 17-03-32
1787523905VFEExpress Dairy Co Ltd, Sheffield Park, Sussex. 16-03-32
1787623906VFEExpress Dairy Co Ltd, Sheffield Park, Sussex. 16-03-32.
Later with Gurney & Ever, Ruislip.
17897239272VFEHalstead Urban District Council. 19-04-32
17906239362VFEReavell & Co for RAF, Malta. 12-03-32
17918239482VFEAGE (South Africa) Ltd for the Municipality of Piet Retief (for power generation).
sent 11-05-32; 12-05-32
17931239612VFEWorthington-Simpson Ltd for Wellington (Salop) Urban District Council. 10-05-33
Film No: 1/VH & VHE   Film No: 5
17954239842VFEJessop & Co Ltd for Delhi. 16-11-32
17955239853VFEJessop & Co Ltd for Delhi. 29-11-32
18005240356VFEMather & Platt for Westgate & Birchington Water Co. 15-02-33. Later with Eastern Gas Board.
18010240404VFENoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd for Rabaul and District Elec Supply Co Ltd, New Britain, Papua New Guinea. 08-12-32
18014240442VFEReavell & Co Ltd for RAF Singapore. 19-12-32
18032240624VFEUnited Dairies Ltd, Wootton Bassett. 22-04-33
18108241382VFW Isaac & Son Ltd for North Devon Cold Storage Co.
This engine ex-17119.
18128241582VFEThos. Cook & Son Ltd, Egypt for Industrial Art School, Boulac, Cairo. 21-07-33
1812924159VFJ T Wade & Son for Woodbridge & Sons. 03-10-33
18187242174VFENoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd for Marian Mill. 11-01-34
18225242553VFENoyes Bros (Sydney) for Thursday Island. 07-02-34
1824224272VFEastern Counties Farmers Co-operative Society. 18-04-34.
This engine ex-17249.
18249242792VFEWorthington-Simpson Ltd for Wellington Urban District Council. 07-04-34
18364243943VFEGFlower, Davies & Johnson Ltd. 21-12-34
(Suction gas version of the VFE)
18370244004VFENoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd for Warwick Co-op. 11-09-34
(To replace 5VZ engine under Order 17943.)
1838424414VFEL G Altree & Co Ltd. 20-11-34
18429 244594VFEU D Engineering Co Ltd, to North Kilworth. 11-12-34
18447244773VFEU D Engineering Co Ltd, to Whitland. 17-01-35
18483 2VFENoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd
18536 4VFEReavell & Co
18881 VFEMarshall & Sons & Co Ltd
18942 VFENoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd
18999 3VFEW H Callington, Buenos Aires
19153 3VFEGBryan Donkin & Co Ltd
50016 3VFEGBryan Donkin & Co Ltd. Ordered 09-10-37 and despatched 20-04-38. Engine rated 93 bhp at 500 rpm.

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Type MF

A marine version of the VF, having the VF's 8½" bore x 12" stroke. There are records of a 2MF rated at 60 bhp at 435 rpm, a 3MF rated at 100 bhp at 500 rpm and a 4MF rated at 100 bhp at 360 rpm.

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
17405234353MFWallace T Platt, Holland. 23-06-30
17639236693MFAGE Tunis (fitted with Blackstone & Co nameplate) for M Cavasino for vessel "Joseph Bourge". 20-12-30
17695237253MF(75/82½ bhp at 360 rpm) AGE Midland Engineering Co
for Ports & Lights Administration, Cairo.
sent 30-04-31; 06-05-31.
17755237853MF(100/110/120 bhp at 500 rpm) AGE Egypt for T Cook & Son for oil tanker "Abu Menagga". 02-09-31
17791238212MF(60/66 bhp at 435 rpm) Anglo Mexican Oil Co Ltd.
Order book says AGE, S America for Eagle Oil & Shipping.
both sent 28-09-31.
17805238352MF(70/77 bhp at 500 rpm; to drive generator) Sunderland Forge Eng Co. To Belfast for "SS St Andrew". 17-10-31
St Andrew, built by Cammell Laird & Co Ltd for the Great Western Railway to operate on its Fishguard service.
17806238362MF(70/77 bhp at 500 rpm; to drive generator) Sunderland Forge Eng Co. To Belfast for "SS St David". 06-11-31
St David built by Cammell Laird & Co Ltd for the Great Western Railway to operate on its Fishguard service.
17884239144MF(100/115 bhp at 360 rpm) La Société Mine-Usine for J B Ventura, Tunis. 16-04-32
18165241952MF(with reverse gear) Rowhedge Ironworks Co Ltd. 10-11-33
For a 44' Teak Motor Surf Boat. 60/66 bhp at 435 rpm. Compressed air and hand starting.
18253242832MFEagle Oil & Shipping Co Ltd. 12-05-34
1830124331MFR & W Hawthorn Leslie & Co Ltd for
Eagle Oil & Transport Co
sent 27-12-34; 25-01-35; 21-02-35
18432244622MFEagle Oil & Shipping Co. 24-11-34
19070 2MFRowhedge Iron Works

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Types VH and VHE

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
16566225962VHSeveralls Hospital, Colchester. 17-06-27
16615226453VHAnglo Oriental & General Investment Trust Ltd for Poldice Tin Mines. 06-12-27
Later transferred to Okehampton.
16616226463VHAnglo Oriental & General Investment Trust Ltd for Poldice Tin Mines. 06-12-27. Then Plaistow & Co. Plaistow crossed out - C P Vine inserted.
1666322693VHCollier Bros, Stanway, Colchester. 20-09-27
16704227344VHArmagh Urban District Council. 25-11-27. Later transferred to Enniskillen Power Station.
16705227352VHArmagh Urban District Council. 14-11-27. Later sold to J McGowan & Sons of Donegal.
16727227573VH(and generator) War Office School of Instruction, Chatham. 08-03-29
1673522765VH(and generator) War Office, Jamaica. 29-03-28
16765227954VHBlackstone & Co for G Co, Clutterbuck Brothers, Melbourne, Australia. 02-03-28.
For many years this engine was owned by the Timms family in Australia. In 2009 it was acquired by Stephen Hendrie of Christchurch, New Zealand, who plans to restore it to running order.
16774228042VHColchester Pure Ice Cold Storage Co Ltd. 16-03-28
1680022830VH(40/46 bhp) AGE Ltd, South Africa for Boeren Kooperative Maatschappij. 06-02-28
1680122831VH(40/46 bhp) Regent Cinema, Chelmsford. 10-04-28
16834228642VHPeter Brotherhood Ltd for Port Swettenham. 19-07-28
16880229102VHJ T Wade for J C Lane. 11-07-28. After Lane to E Gomme, High Wycombe.
16884229143VHNoyes Bros, Sydney for Marrickville Pumping Station. 20-06-28
16957229874VHAnglo Siam Co for
Allied National Corporation for Barges - for Bangkok.
both sent 03-11-28
16970230004VH(with alternator) Armagh Urban District Council. 17-10-28. Later at Enniskillen Power Station, County Tyrone, under control of the Electricity Board for Northern Ireland.
16985230153VHPortway & Son, Halstead, Essex. 21-09-28
16989220192VHGeneral Electric Co for Newry. 06-03-29
16990220202VHGeneral Electric Co for Newry. 06-03-29. Later transferred to Enniskillen, N I. By Nov 1935 with Edmund Nuttall & Sons Ltd, 22 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1.
16991220214VHNewry Urban District Council, N Ireland. 09-03-29. Later transferred to Enniskillen.
17004230344VHHarrison & Sons Ltd, Hayes, Mddx. 01-12-28
1702823058VHG A Hutson & Co, Colombo. 21-11-28. Received back at the Works on 11th Nov 1932 and used for 17385; afterwards used for 17643.
1706523095VH(with generator) Blackstone & Co Ltd for American Mission College, Bombay. 16-01-29
17076231062VHCongleton Corporation Water Works.
sent: 04-07-29; 05-07-29.
17096231262VHBlantyre Town Council, S. Africa (for power generation). 27-03-29
17113231432VH(80 bhp) J C Bannister Co Ltd, Easingwold, Yorks. 14-01-29
17116231463VH(120/138 bhp) Wrinch & Sons Ltd, Ipswich. 21-05-29
17120231504VH(British Industries Fair show engine) Midland Counties Dairy Ltd, Birmingham. March 1929
17158231882VHG A Hutson & Co, Colombo - Nilagama Estate.
both sent: 25-06-29.
17169231992VH(Halstead UDC has been crossed out)
James Armstrong for Mayfield Laundry N5. June 1929
17187232172VHNapsbury Mental Hospital. 20-08-29
1718823218VH /
Royal Technical College, Glasgow. 11-11-29
then the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, where it was used by students for thermodynamics experiments. Although the order book entry shows it as a VH (i.e. open type) engine, photographs of the engine reveal it to be an 'Enclosed Type - Forced Lubricated' VHE.
The engine remains in 'as new' condition, having had minimal use. When acquired from the University by Mr Steve Green of Norfolk in May 2010, it came with a large box of new spare parts including piston, liner, injector, full sets of main and big end bearings and numerous bits.
17194232244VHChapman Son & Deeks Brothers - Clutterbuck Brothers. 02-08-29
17215232453VHIrish Tapestry Co, Newtownards. 18-07-29
Film No: 2/VH   Film No: 6
17316233465VHAGE Noyes Bros, Sydney for power generation at Gladstone, Queensland. 31-12-29
17335233654VHMcWhirter & Sons Ltd, Tenby. 04-12-29. Later with West Cambrian Power Co Ltd, Electricity Works, Chapel Street, Tregaron, Wales.
17351233814VHEBlackstone & Co for J Hugh Marshall & Partners, Pondicherry, India. 28-01-30
1738523415VHSend Tanning Co. 19-11-29. Returned to Works and used for 17643.
17446234762VHBorough of Congleton. 26-05-30
17479235093VHEJames Armstrong for Channel Laundry, Hove, Sussex. 12-06-30
1751023540VHM Squire & Sons, Slade Laundry, Ilfracombe. 28-04-30. This entry deleted and replaced by Woodward, West End Laundry.
17512235424VHEAGE Ltd, Siam for Siam Barges. 01-08-30
17518235484VHEAGE / Noyes Bros, Sydney for Wide Bay Co-op. 15-07-30
17551235815VHEAGE Ltd for Companina Molinesa el Globo. 08-09-30
17557235873VHJohnson Place Factory - Army & Navy Co-operative Society Ltd.
sent Oct/Nov 1930
17589236193VHEAGE Australia, Noyes Bros for Lismore Butter Factory.
Sent: 11-09-30; 30-09-30.
17593236232VHEAGE India for J Hugh Marshall & Partners
for Karipur Central Jail, India.
all sent 1931.
17626236565VHEMarconi's Wireless Telegraph Co Ltd, Peru. Later sold to Colonial Timber - see 18528. Note in book "31-12-34 this engine has been sold to Meredew, Dunhams Lane, Letchworth".
17627236573VHECocksedge Ironworks, Ipswich. 25-11-30
17638236683VHENewry Urban District Council. 24-10-30. Later moved to Enniskillen.
1764323673VHCocksedge Ironworks, Ipswich for H Dean, Needham. 13-12-30
(Previously supplied to another customer under Order No 17385, returned to the factory and used for this order.)
Located for many years at Harry Dean's quarry at Weybread, near Needham, on the Suffolk/Norfolk border. Sold at a Cheffins auction on 14th July 2007 for £5,000, it is now owned by Mr Steve Green of Norfolk.
17710237404VHEHarrison & Sons, Hayes. 11-04-31
17914239443VHEJ Armstrong & Co Ltd for Ilford Steam Laundry. 01-04-32
18061240912VHEGByington & Cia, Rio de Janeiro. 03-06-33
(Gas engine version of VHE. Order included producer plant.)
18102241324VHENoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd for Norco Co-op. 05-07-33
1824124271VHE H Price, Hadleigh. 13-03-34.
(see note on 17271.)
18293243233VHSand & Shingle Ltd. 09-05-34
(120 bhp. ex-Paxman Works Power House)
18307243374VHENoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd for Millaquin Sugar Co, Bundaberg. 20-06-34
The order book notes "4VHE Oil Engine (Oversize)". The engine was installed at the famous Millaquin Rum Distillery in Queensland and was still running in 1984. By April 1992 it was lying outside in the scrap machinery area at Bundaberg. It is now owned by Robert Hursthouse of Gin Gin, Queensland.
18528 5VHEColonial Timber Ltd
18578 5VHEGMashaba Rhodesian Asbestos Co
18648 2VHEMarshall & Son (India) Ltd
18649 2VHEMarshall & Son (India) Ltd
18771 2VHJ T Wade & Sons
50002 3VHENoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd. Ordered 07-05-37 and despatched 22-10-37. Engine rated 120/132 bhp at 330 rpm.

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Type MH

A marine version of the VH engine but with an oversize bore of 10.3/8" or 10¾".

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
17938239684MHLa Société Mine-Usine, Tunisia for La Pesca. 23-08-32
17958239884MHLa Société Mine-Usine. 06-12-32
18326243564MHThos. Cook & Son Ltd, Cairo (shipbuilder)
Sent: 10-07-34; 19-07-34; 30-07-34
Main propulsion engines (160 bhp each) for 3 single screw tugs for the Egyptian Star Navigation Co to work between Alexandria, Cairo and Assiot.
18652 4MHThos. Cook & Son Ltd, Cairo
Main propulsion engines (160 bhp each) for a twin screw tug for the Egyptian Star Navigation Co.
18653 4MH
18654 2MHThos. Cook & Son Ltd, Cairo
Main propulsion engine (80 bhp) for a tug for the Egyptian Star Navigation Co.
18665 4MHBlackstone, Tunis
Oversize bore. 176 bhp at 330 rpm.
18969 4MHThos. Cook & Son Ltd
For paddle wheel vessel, Sudan. Oversize bore. 171 bhp at 330 rpm.
19085 4MHThos. Cook & Son Ltd
For paddle wheel vessel. Oversize bore. 171 bhp at 330 rpm. 1936/37.

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Types VK and VKE

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
Film No: 1/VK   Film No: 1
16617226474VKAnglo Oriental & General Investment Trust Ltd for Poldice Tin Mines. 07-12-27
Later transferred to Okehampton.
16618226483VKAnglo Oriental & General Investment Trust Ltd for Polhigey Tin Mines. 21-11-27. Sold by Cohen & Sons to A Waddington & Co Ltd, North Circular Road, London N10.
16619226493VKAnglo Oriental & General Investment Trust Ltd for Polhigey Tin Mines. 03-01-28. Sold by Cohen & Sons to A Waddington & Co Ltd, North Circular Road, London N10.
16620226506VKAnglo Oriental & General Investment Trust Ltd for Polhigey Tin Mines. 07-11-28
16621226514VKAnglo Oriental & General Investment Trust Ltd for Wheal Vlow Tin Mines. 11-02-28. Later purchased by General Electric Co, Stranraer for Wigtownshire Elec Co.
16622226524VKAnglo Oriental & General Investment Trust Ltd for Wheal Vlow Tin Mines. 31-03-28
Later transferred to Bude.
16623226534VKAnglo Oriental & General Investment Trust Ltd for Wheal Vlow Tin Mines. 11-05-28. Purchased by General Electric Co, Stranraer for Wigtownshire Elec Co.
16624226542VKE Chopping & Sons, Fingringhoe, Essex. (For driving flour mill.) 03-10-27
1672622756VK(with generator) Thames Sand Dredging Co, Greenhithe, Kent. 15-11-27. Later sold to Unaquarries Ltd, Llangadock.
1682622856VKJ T Wade & Sons for Barlow. 15-02-28
16842228723VKJ T Wade & Sons for Castle Brothers. 14-07-28
16869228995VKLlandrindod Wells Urban District Council, Wales. 29-08-28
16898229282VKClutterbuck Brothers, Adelaide / Chapman Son & Deeks. 09-02-28
16925229556VKAnglo Oriental Mining Corporation. 01-01-29
16929229593VKNorthallerton Electric Light & Power Co Ltd. 29-08-28
16947229773VKJ T Wade & Sons for Goodearl? 01-11-28
1697823008VKMetropolitan Water Board, Cheshunt. 11-03-29
Originally installed in the Board's Brookfield Lane Pumping Station at Cheshunt, Herts. As at 2008 this engines is at the Museum of Power at Langford (near Maldon, Essex) having been restored to working order by Alex Walford who formerly worked for Paxman.
1697923009VKMetropolitan Water Board: Brookfield Lane Pumping Station, Cheshunt, Herts. 11-03-29. This and the above engine, coupled to centrifugal pumps, were used to pump water to Darnicle Hill Reservoir at Goff's Oak (see The Engineer, 4th January 1929, p.21.)
1698023010VKMetropolitan Water Board, Hoe Lane Pumping Station, Enfield. 11-03-29
17029230593VKCliftophone Records Ltd (Warner-Brunswick Ltd) 31-11-29. Then Standard Check Book Co, Midsomer Norton.
1703023060VKCliftophone Records Ltd. 12-12-29. As at 03-01-35 with Collier, Marks Tey.
17163231934VKELilleshall & Co for
Metropolitan Water Board, Woodford.
Sent: 1930; 1930; 1932.
17242232723VK(with Bull generator) Bentall & Co, Maldon. 02-10-29
17243232733VK(with Bull generator) Bentall & Co, Maldon. 29-01-30
17244232743VK(with Crompton-Parkinson generator) Bentall & Co, Maldon. 28-04-30
17291233214VKEClutterbuck Brothers, Adelaide. Order book says Chapman Son & Deeks, Port Lincoln. 23-11-29. Installed at Port Lincoln Freezing Works.
1734123371VKJames Armstrong for Mayfield Laundry. 16-12-29.
Returned to Works and replaced by 2VF - see 17451
17345233754VKESeveralls Mental Hospital, Colchester. 24-02-30
17360233904VKEEastbourne Water Works
Friston Pumping Station.
25-06-31; 02-07-31; 08-07-31; 22-07-31.
17370234005VKEJohnson & Philips, Dunoon. June 1930
17371234015VKEJohnson & Philips, Dunoon. July 1930
17384234144VKEMather & Platt, Great Yarmouth for Horning Pumping Station. 01-05-30
17420234504VKEBritish Industry Fair, Birmingham. 04-02-30
17471235014VKEChapman Son & Deeks Ltd - Clutterbuck Brothers, Adelaide. 03-07-30. Order was for engine and alternator. Installed at Port Lincoln Freezing Works.
17474235044VKEC C Hugo, High Wycombe, Bucks. 14-06-30
17481235113VKLiverpool Artificial Stone Co, Manx Quarries, Isle of Man. 14-04-30
17508235384VKCanadian Exhibition - order cancelled.
17519235494VKENoyes Bros, Sydney, for Wide Bay Co-op. 26-06-30
1752023550VKSociété Motor Tunis AGE Ltd. 17-05-30
17553235836VKEHome Block Plant - Army & Navy Co-operative Society Ltd
sent in Oct and Nov 1930
17581236114VKEOxford Corporation Water Works, Swinford.
all sent August 1933
Developing 240 bhp each at 300 rpm. The new (opened June 1934) pumping station's main engines coupled to Harland high- and low-lift pumps through David Brown speed increasing gears.
17587236174VKEAGE Australia, Noyes Bros for
Norco Co-op, Lismore Butter Factory. 05-09-30
17588236183VKEAGE Australia, Noyes Bros for Norco Co-op, Lismore.
Order cancelled in favour of 4VKE, see 17651.
17600236302VKAGE Baghdad. 15-09-30
1760423634VKBanbury Water Co. 18-09-30
17651236814VKENoyes Bros for
Norco Co-op, Murwillumbah. 17-02-31. To replace order 17588.
17672237024VKEDuncan & Stewart for
Zululand Sugar Millers & Planters Ltd, Natal. 24-01-31
17849238792VKEAGE Ltd for Jessop & Co Ltd, Cawnpore. 30-12-31
17942239724VKENoyes Bros for
Norco Co-op, Byron Bay Factory. 17-08-32
17959239895VKEJ Hugh Marshall & Partners, Pondicherry, India. 23-12-32
18012240423VKEEast Worcestershire Waterworks. 08-02-33
18013240433VKEEast Worcestershire Waterworks. 30-03-33
18094241242VKJ P Bahoshy Bros. 14-07-33
18251242813VKLa Société Mine-Usine, Tunisia. 04-06-34
1830424334VKEBanbury Water Co. 11-07-34
Film No: 2/VK   Film No: 2
18707 2VKEByington & Co
18783 VKEBroom & Wade
18892 5VKEBroom & Wade (High Wycombe)
18948 6VKEMarshall Sons & Co, India
19352 4VKThe Wansbrough Paper Co Ltd
50001 6VKENoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd. Ordered 07-05-37 and despatched 04-11-37. Engine rated 360/396 bhp at 300 rpm.
50044 VKBiscathorpe Sand & Gravel Ltd. Ordered 30-09-38 and despatched 01-12-38. Engine rated 60/66 bhp at 300 rpm.

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Types VN, VNE and VNS

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
16756227864VNAlloa Shipbreaking Co Ltd, Rosyth. 18-05-28
16855228858VNAshford Urban District Council, Kent. 14-09-28
17020230504VNWar Office, Tidworth. 09-07-29
17054230844VNRoyal Burgh of Rothesay. 17-08-29
17162231928VNSBasingstoke Borough. 09-09-29
17180232108VNSAshford Urban District Council. 10-10-29
17377234076VNAGE for Marlborough Electric Power Board, Blenheim, New Zealand. 20-02-30
Engine now in preservation at Blenheim.
17486235165VNEMarconi's Wireless Telegraph Co Ltd, Chelmsford. Sep 1930
17649236795VNSWm Denny & Bros Ltd, Dumbarton for
David MacBrayne (1928) Ltd - "DEV Lochfyne"
23679 (Port) sent 28-03-31; 23680 (Starboard) sent 16-04-31.
17733237635VNEAGE for power generation at Madura, Madras, India. 14-07-31

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Type VPE

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
17882239128VPENoyes Bros. Sydney for Casino/Lismore Power Station. April 1932
As at August 2019 the engine is still at Lismore Power Station where it was originally installed. There are hopes of restoring the engine to running order by mid-2020. As at June 1992 it was reported to only needed fuel and a suitable cooling arrangement to make it operational. The only VP engine ever built. The 'E' suffix of the VPE designation indicates it was an 'Enclosed' type.

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Type VZ

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
17880239103VZ(marine auxiliary) R & W Hawthorn Leslie & Co Ltd for
Portuguese Navy sloop "Gonçalo Velho". 12-10-32
17881239113VZ(marine auxiliary) R & W Hawthorn Leslie & Co Ltd for
Portuguese Navy sloop "Gonçalves Zarco". 23-01-33
17943239735VZNoyes Bros (Brisbane) for Warwick Co-op. 07-10-32
18024240545VZCoates & Co Pty Ltd for
Sanitarium Health Food Co, Warburton, Victoria. 21-03-33
As at April 2014, in preservation with the Central Goldfields Historic Machinery Society at Dunolly, Victoria, awaiting restoration. See more on Diesels in Australia page.
18114241443VZBlackstone & Co Ltd for H Lavender & Son, Shepperton. 04-08-33
18136241666VZSHunslet Engine Co Ltd for LMS Railway. 13-07-34. Installed in LMS shunter No 7054.
18149241795VZAir Ministry for RAF Gosport. 13-12-33. (see Film No 1/Misc)
Supplied complete with DC generator.
18208242386VZCory-Wright & Salmon for
Waimea Electric Power Board, Far East. 09-02-34
18223242536VZRickmansworth & Uxbridge Valley Water Co - Great Missenden Pumping Station. 30-04-34
18245242756VZGeorge Stow & Co Ltd, High Street, Newport, Mon. 24-04-34.
For driving borehole test pumping plant.
18252242823VZBrown Fraser & Co Ltd, Vancouver. 03-08-34
18305243358VZRickmansworth & Uxbridge Valley Water Co - Hunton Bridge Pumping Station. 17-09-34
18345243753VZGeneral Electric Co (China) Ltd. 28-11-34
18382244122VZCoates & Co Pty Ltd. 09-10-34
18383244134VZCoates & Co Pty Ltd for Griffith Producers' Co-op. 02-10-34
This engine was used by the Griffith Producers' Co-op Co Ltd from 1934 to 1965 to power refrigeration plant. It is now in preservation at the Pioneer Park Museum, Griffith, NSW, Australia. See more on Diesels in Australia page.
18405244352VZMoteurs Blackstone. 16-01-35
18406244362VZMoteurs Blackstone 16-01-35
18435243753VZM Dorfinan for La Société Sogemac. 03-11-34
18438244683VZGeorge Stow & Co Ltd. Order cancelled.
(Book says "see O No 18490" which suggests a 4VZ was ordered instead.)
18446244765VZGeneral Electric Co Ltd, Hong Kong. 15-01-35
18490 4VZGeorge Stow & Co Ltd.
18531 3VZFreitas & Gameiro.
18534245643VZNoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd.
This is most probably the 3VZ engine purchased by David Rossington, of Tamworth, NSW, in 2017. Unfortunately the maker's plate is missing from the engine and as yet it has not been possible to find the engine number stamped on any of its components. See more on Diesels in Australia page.
18554 5VZU D Engineering Co (Wiltshire).
18595 4VZNoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd for
Metropolitan Water Board, Sydney.
18596 4VZ
18686247165VZNoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd for a Public Works Department.
18687247176VZNoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd.
18689 5VZNoyes Bros (Sydney) Ltd. (see Film No 1/Misc)
18690 3VZA Freitas & Gameiro.
18733 3VZAir Ministry, Iraq.
18720 4VZC & T Harris (Colne) Ltd.
18908 3VZAir Ministry (Dhibban).
50236 3VZFarma Cream Product Co Ltd, Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

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Types MZ and MZS

The MZ and MZS were marine versions of the 6½" bore x 10" stroke VZ engine. They appear to have been built mostly in 1933/34, and fitted with Bosch-CAV fuel pumps. Four installations were in Halcyon Class Minesweepers, HMS Halcyon, HMS Skipjack, HMS Harrier and Hussar. A 3MZ of this period had a rating of 60/66 bhp at 750 rpm. A 3MZS (i.e. with fabricated crankcase) was rated at 80 bhp at 800 rpm continuous, 88 bhp for one hour, and weighed 40¼ cwts.

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
18083241133MZHenry Robb Ltd of Leith for Coast Lines Ltd - "MV British Coast".
Running at 750 rpm, driving a 45kW Campbell & Isherwood 220 volt DC generator.
18083 was despatched on 19-10-33. Initially fitted in "British Coast" but later in "Atlantic Coast" (see 18273). 18084 was placed in abeyance and replaced by 18178. The instructions were to hold it for fitting aboard a later Coast Lines vessel but there is no evidence this was done. There is no 'Date Sent' against 18084 in the order book and the engine may not have been built.
18103241333MZSJohn Brown & Co Ltd for "HMS Halcyon". 12-01-34
18104241343MZSJohn Brown & Co Ltd for "HMS Skipjack". 06-02-34
18144241743MZSJohn Thornycroft & Co Ltd for "HMS Harrier". 22-05-34
18145241753MZSJohn Thornycroft & Co Ltd for "HMS Hussar". 18-07-34
Bombed by 'friendly fire' on 27-08-44.
18147241774MZ(Direct reversing oil engine)
Shipping Engineering & Machinery Exhibition. 04-09-33
18151241818MZWm Denny & Bros Ltd, Dumbarton for
Queensferry Ferries
sent: 20-01-34; 22-01-34; 24-01-34; 25-01-34.
(Each engine - 175/192½ bhp at 750 rpm. Diesel-electric drive. The paddle wheel vessels, "Queen Margaret" and "Robert the Bruce", remained in service until the opening of the Forth Road Bridge in Sep 1964.)
18178242084MZHenry Robb Ltd of Leith for Coast Lines Ltd - "MV British Coast". 26-10-33.
(to replace 3MZ engine 18084. Starboard engine.)
Running at 750 rpm, driving a 60kW Campbell & Isherwood DC generator.
18191242213MZSwan Hunter & Wigham Richardson for
Southern Railway ferries: 'Twickenham Ferry', 'Hampton Ferry' and 'Shepperton Ferry'
Auxiliaries developing 60/66 bhp at 600 rpm. Sent: 02-05-34; 13-08-34; 18-09-34.
18218242483MZWm Denny & Bros Ltd, Dumbarton for
David MacBrayne (1928) Ltd. Auxiliaries for "MV Lochnevis".
Engine 24248 sent 15-05-34.
18271243014MZHenry Robb Ltd of Leith for Coast Lines Ltd - "MV Atlantic Coast".
24301 (Starboard) sent 05-06-34; 24302 (Port) sent 09-06-34.
4MZ engines running at 750 rpm, each driving a 60kW Campbell & Isherwood DC generator. 3MZ was ex-Order No 18083.
1828026413 *4MZHenry Robb Ltd for Coast Lines Ltd - "MV British Coast"
(Port engine). 08-05-34
(* actual engine number. Ex-18147, Direct reversing engine previously shown at the Shipping Exhibition. Replacement for 18083, the change-over undertaken at Liverpool Docks in May 1934.)
18321243513MZFurness Shipbuilding Co for
General Steam Navigation Co. Both sent 17-10-34
Balanced crankshaft and alloy pistons. 75/82½ bhp at 750 rpm.
18422244524MZArdrossan Dockyard Ltd for 250 foot coaster for Coast Lines Ltd - "MV Pacific Coast".
All sent 29-03-35
4MZ engines: auxiliaries rated 100/110 bhp at 750 rpm.
3MZ: 65/71½ bhp at 650 rpm driving a DC generator.
18509 7MZArcos Ltd for Russia for marine propulsion.
Weight: 59 cwts. Two camshafts. 180 bhp (continuous) at 775 rpm, 200 bhp one hour rating.
18544 4MZHenry Robb Ltd of Leith. Auxiliaries for Vessel 215, initially named "MV Ocean Coast" and later renamed "MV Effy". In addition to the two 4MZ engines it had a Paxman 6RQ auxiliary, contract no 18546. The ship was presumably ordered by Coast Lines Ltd but surviving Paxman records do not confirm this.
18545 4MZ

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Type VX

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
17703237336VXBritish Industries Fair 05-02-31
(This entry is crossed out in the Service Dept records - perhaps as an exhibition engine it was later sold under contract 17769).
17769237996VXMcWhirter & Sons Ltd for Tenby Gas Consumers Co. 17-08-31.
Note in order book says "this engine will probably be installed at Frinton-on-Sea Electricity Works, St Mary's Road".
17800238308VXDrake & Gorham Ltd for The Bank of England
sent: 19-12-31; 30-12-31; 09-01-32; 16-01-32.
(Drake & Gorham Ltd were noted electrical contactors - see also Prudential Assurance contract below)
Film No: 1/VX & MX   Film No: 7
17834238646VXTenbury Urban District Council (EX 159). ex-Shipping Exhibition, Olympia. 03-09-31
17843238733VXEnniskillen Electric Light & Power Co. 08-12-31
17847238776VXSHaslam & Newton Ltd for LMS Railway, Derby. 23-07-32.
(This engine was fitted in locomotive LMS 1831 which was completed at Derby Works in November 1932 and commenced trials in December 1932.)
17851238816VXDrake & Gorham Ltd for Prudential Assurance Co, Holborn, London.
sent: 14-03-32; 08-06-32; 17-06-32; 23-07-32; 19-09-32.
1785623886AuxAuxiliaries for 17851/5 - see above
17905239354VXSeveralls Mental Hospital, Colchester. 07-06-32
18017240475VXLiverpool Artificial Stone Co Ltd, Manchester. 15-12-32
Later with Kessel (Power Plant), Wembley.
18033240638VXIlford & Barking Sewerage. 08-11-33
18034240648VXIlford & Barking Sewerage. 05-01-34
18188242183VXSutton & Cheam Urban District Council, Surrey -
Worcester Park Sewage Purification Works.
sent: Mar 1934; 07-07-34; 04-06-34.
18298243284VXJ Hugh Marshall & Partners for
South Arcot Electric Distribution Co, India
sent: 20-08-34; 20-08-34; 19-11-34.
18371244014VXJ Hugh Marshall & Partners for South Arcot. 19-11-34
18376244063VXHeap & Ryley Ltd for
Isle of Arran Elec Light & Power Co. 16-10-34
18378244085VXDavey & Armitage Ltd, Creeksea, Southend. 06-11-34
18385244157VXFlower, Davies & Johnson Ltd for
West Australian Newspaper Co. 27-11-34
18386244165VXWm. Jacks & Co for
Takuapa Valley Tin - Ban Pru Pumping Plant. 17-12-34
18459 3VXAir Ministry, Greenford.
18502 5VXAir Ministry, Pembroke.
18524 6VXWimbledon Corporation Elec.
18543 4VXMarshall & Sons Ltd.
18553 6VXU D Engineering Co, Chard, Somerset.
(Converted to 6RX)
18592 3VXMarshall Sons & Co.
18663 4VXSeveralls Mental Hospital, Colchester.
18700 5VXR Hunt & Co.
R Hunt & Co were engineers and ironfounders, at Earls Colne, Essex. The three 5VX engines were in their power house, driving generators for electrical power.
18701 5VX
18702 5VX
18744 5VXWilliam Foster & Co.
18745 4VX
18749 3VXFlower, Davies & Johnson.
18750 3VX
18905 6VXSavoy Hotel Ltd.
19116 6VXFerguson Brothers.
(The well-known shipbuilders of Port Glasgow, on the Clyde.)
19117 6VX
19124 3VXWilliam Jacks & Co.

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Type MX

The MX was a marine version of the VX engine.

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
50004 4MXBurl Gordon & Whiteford. Ordered 01-05-37 and despatched 25-03-38. Each engine rated 180/198 bhp at 540 rpm.
50005 4MX
50012 4MXReavell & Co for Air Ministry. Despatched 11-02-38. Each engine rated 120 bhp at 400 rpm.
50013 4MX
18274243045MXLaurence Scott & Electromotors Ltd, Norwich for target towing vessel. 09-07-34
18470 4MXMoteurs Blackstone.
18500 4MXBurls Gordon & Whiteford.
18664 4MXBlackstone, Tunis.
18756 8MXSmith Dockyard Co. Installed in the diesel-electric tug 'Sir Montagu' which was built c.1936 for the Erith & Dartford Lighterage Co Ltd.
440 bhp at 650 rpm. Direct coupled to a 290kW GEC tandem generator.

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Type VY

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
18175242055VYJ Charters for Burmah Oil Co - dredger "Balbus". 16-04-34
Film No: 1/VZ & MZ   Film No: 3
18646 3VYLMoteurs Blackstone (Tunis)
18722 5VYNoyes (Sydney) Ltd
18954 8VYThe Thames Board Mills Ltd

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Type MY

The MY was a marine version of the 13" bore x 16" stroke VY engine.

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
18216242466MYWm Denny & Bros Ltd, Dumbarton for
David MacBrayne (1928) Ltd - "MV Lochnevis"
24246 (Starboard) sent 15-05-34; 24247 (Port) sent 26-05-34

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Types VRA and VRB

Agent and/or Customer
and Additional Notes
Film 1/VRA & B   Film No: 8
18759 12VRAArmy & Navy Stores.
18900 8VRAMetropolitan Water Board.
19118 16VRBSwan Hunter & Wigham Richardson.
Believed to be the two engines installed in the experimental high-speed craft 'MY Tarret' of 1938, which was built by Swan Hunter.
19119 16VRB
19125 12VRADavey Paxman & Co, Power House.
19182 12VRAGeneral Electric Co Ltd, Turkey.
19183 12VRA
50014 ???Engine & Marine Exhibition. Order date July 1937
50018 8VRBChance Brothers. Ordered 11-11-37 and despatched 20-04-39. Engine rated 330/363 bhp at 1,500 rpm.
50033 12VRBAdmiralty. Order date 14-09-38
50035 12VRB
50036 12VRB
50040 12VRB
50048 8VRBDrysdale & Co Ltd. Ordered 05-12-38 and despatched 02-10-39. Engine rated 278/305.8 bhp at 1,100 rpm. For Shell-Mex & BP Ltd, to drive a fire pump at Hamble, Hants.
50060 8VRBCrown Agents for the Colonies for Gibralter City Council. Ordered 04-01-39 and despatched 04-08-39. Engine rated 350/385 bhp at 1,500 rpm. To drive a Drysdale turbine pump, pumping seawater.
50061 12VRBAdmiralty.
50063 8VRBCity & County of Kingston-upon-Hull. Ordered 24-04-39 and despatched 19-06-40. For portable trailer generator sets, each with a rated output of 240kW at 1,500 rpm.
50064 8VRB
50066 8VRBAGWI Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Ordered 12-04-39 and despatched 29-11-39. Engine rated 320/352 bhp at 1,200 rpm. For driving a Sulzer seawater fire pump at Fawley, near Southampton.
50076 8VRBCity of Oxford. Ordered 06-06-39 and despatched 15-08-40. Engine rated 238 bhp at 1,000 rpm. For driving a pump and generator set at Swinford Waterworks.
50077 8VRBEngineering & Marine Exhibition. Ordered 09-06-39.
50107 8VRBMather & Platt Ltd. Ordered 06-10-39 and despatched 05-07-40. Engine rated 400/440 bhp at 1,500 rpm. For the Royal Navy Propellant Factory, Caerwent, Monmouth. Coupled to an alternator.
50110 16VRBFor experimental high-speed craft 'MY Tarret'. This order appears to be for modifications to the engines purchased under contracts 19118/9 - see above.
 16VRBOriginally ordered for the Turkish Navy on 25-10-40. 24 engines for 8 Motor Gun Boats (MGBs) built by Camper & Nicholson. 3 engines per boat, each engine rated 800 bhp at 1,500 rpm. The boats were requisitioned by the Admiralty before being delivered - see Blockade Runners
 16VRBAdmiralty War Office. Ordered 01-03-40, for three 70 foot Target Towing Launches built by Groves & Gutteridge Ltd of East Cowes, IoW. Two engines per boat and two spare engines. Engine rating: 1,000 bhp at 1,750 rpm.
50190 8VRBPriestman Brothers Ltd. Order date 19-04-40. For Malaya. Despatched 05-04-41. Engine rated 300/330 bhp at 1,150 rpm.
50249 8VRBPriestman Brothers Ltd.
(see Film 1/Misc: No 25)

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Totals of Early Compression-Ignition Engines Despatched

The following tables summarise, by engine type and number of cylinders, the totals of early Paxman compression-ignition engines despatched from the Colchester Works. The information was taken from an old Paxman data sheet which may have originated from the Service Department.

Heavy-Fuel-Oil Engines
Number of cylinders
VFE930820 3    
VHE 6873     
VN   321 1  
VNS       2  
VPE       1  
Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
Number of cylinders
VZ 310554 1  
VZS     1    
VX  101281016  
VXS     2    
VY    2  1  
VYL  1       
Marine Versions of Heavy-Fuel-Oil and Heavy Duty Diesel Engines. Also RZ Engines
Number of cylinders
MH 1 10      
MNS    2     
RZ  713101422  
MZ  88   4  
MZS  4   1   
MX   31  1  
MY     2    
Paxman's First Vee-Form Engines - the Vee-RA and Vee-RB
Number of cylinders
VRA       14 
VRB       10135
The RPB Engine - Built in the 1940s
Number of cylinders
RPB11 3      

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