Website Accolades

The appreciative feedback regularly received from visitors to this website has been a great encouragement to me in developing my Paxman History Pages. Below are just a few of the many kind compliments which have been received. My grateful thanks to all who have emailed me with their generous comments.

"I just wanted to say what a fabulous history site you have created. I visit often and your website always has something new to tell me … no, teach me.
It is a masterpiece both in relating technical practices old and new as well as snippets of the people of Paxman who made it all happen (what could be better than that?), and brings to life something that has been a life-long interest."
  P B, England.

"I just wanted to say what a fantastic site you have created! … It's possibly the best I have ever seen!"
  M S, UK.

" … I have been reading the plethora of information on your website. I cannot believe the lengths to which you have gone and have to say that it is one of the most informative and interesting websites I have ever come across. Congratulations to you are not enough."
  S A, England

" … advised me of the existence of your website and having just looked at it I must offer my congratulations on the standard achieved. … I look at quite a few museum and engine websites but your website is in a different league altogether … Full marks!"
  T O, England

"My warmest congratulations for the enormous efforts you have obviously put in to this magnificent historical website and to those who have assisted you and contributed to it."
  I E, Newcastle, Australia.

"I have just discovered your Paxman website and must compliment you on its polished presentation and encyclopaedic content. A thoroughly professional piece of work of which I'm sure you are and have every right to be proud."
  J B, England.

"As ever the depth of your research continues to amaze me and I do hope some use will be made of all this history."
  W P, Colchester.

"You are to be congratulated for your devotion to this site, to the tribute to a great business, and for preservation of an important piece of Britain's history.   …   Your efforts are appreciated and the format and information on the site is excellent; … ."
  J H, USA

"Thanks heaps for such a comprehensive and well-researched web site and particularly for making it available to the world of enthusiasts."
  S B, Australia

" … , thank you for an excellent website … absolutely 1st-class and you are to be commended for the time, effort and research that has made it so."
  I R, Australia

" … , great stuff, your level of "scholarship" on this research never ceases to amaze me. I wish we had someone like you beavering-away for each of the major engine builders!"
  C D, England

"The most interesting engineering site I have ever come across."
  E D, England

"Many thanks for this splendid site which I have only just discovered. … I reckon this site is probably the best read I've had this year. Many thanks for a worthwhile contribution to the history of UK engineering."
  M B, UK

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