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This website is more the fruits of a team effort than of one man's labour. It would not be what it is today without the enthusiastic help of many talented people with long experience in engineering and, in many cases, long service with Paxman. This page will, I hope, convey something of the breadth of knowledge and experience on which I have been able to call in compiling these Paxman History Pages. I am immensely grateful for the remarkable generosity people have shown in giving their time to explain things to me, a non-engineer, in answering my many questions, in preparing and submitting substantial written contributions, and in lending me books, documents and photographs.

Below are details of many people who have made significant contributions to the material appearing on this site. Where an individual's help has been particularly valuable in compiling a specific page, or section of it, there is a link after their name to the relevant page(s) or section(s). I'm sure some names which ought to be included have escaped my memory for the moment, for which I apologise.

Responsibility for any errors and omissions on this site is to be laid at my door, not that of any of the other contributors. My own responsibility does not extend to legal liability, which is specifically excluded as per the site Disclaimer !   However, accuracy of information is an important priority so do please contact me about any points you believe are in need of correction - thank you.

ALEWIJNSE, R O, (Rik): Paxman 1978-87. Engine Design Drawing Office. ( Machine Shops )

AVIS, N V, (Neil): joined Paxman 1962. Principal Design Engineer.

BAILEY, J, (John): Electrical Engineer, Marlborough Lines Ltd, Blenheim, New Zealand. ( 6VN at Blenheim, NZ )

BEARDWELL, R, (Roy): ( Boilers )

BENHAM, J R, (John): joined Paxman 1978. Senior Product Engineer, MAN Diesel Ltd (various pages including Paxman RPB engine; 1950s Experimental Gas Engines )

BLANC, J P, (John): Paxman 1963-99. Crankshaft Grinder ( Machine Shops )

BONE, G W, (Geoffrey): Paxman 1945-64. Managing Director 1954-64. (d.2004) ( Product Policy and Company and Family Connections )

BORLEY, V, (Vic): Paxman 1961-200?. Service Engineer, then Customer Training Instructor (various pages)

BURT, J, (John): Section Leader for NC Programming - Production Engineering Department, Systems Manager - Production Engineering Department, Materials Manager, Business Systems Analyst ( Computerisation in Paxman's Manufacturing Division )

BURWOOD, A W (Alec): Paxman 1949-74. ( Boilers )

CANNON, P, (Phil): Paxman 1949-99. Works & Plant Department.

CARDY, D R, (Dave): Paxman 1954-2001. Development Manager. (various pages)

CARR, R G, (Richard): Paxman Personnel Department, 1985-2000. Foundation Trustee, Paxman Archive Trust.

CHANNON, P J, (Phil): joined Paxman 1976. Field Service Engineer, then Service Manager, now Key Account Manager, MAN Diesel Ltd, Paxman. ( VP185 Applications - Haulpak Mine Truck )

CLOVER, M F, (Morriss): Paxman 1950-90. Chief Engineer. (d. March 2011) ( Paxman post-war Engines )

COOPER, W, (Bill): former Paxman Applications Engineer - Oilfield Engines (d.2005) ( Oilfield Engines )

COVE, E J, (John): joined Paxman in 1948 as a Forensic Investigator attached to the Experimental Department. Subsequent appointments in the Company included Assistant Service Manager, Quality Engineer, Chief Diesel Engineer, Manager - Engine Division, and Marketing Director. ( Oilfield Engines; MWD Gearboxes; Post-war Paxman Engines; Torsional Vibration and Viscous Dampers and others )

COX, W J, (Bill): Paxman 19??-96. Chief Design Engineer. ( Paxman Vectara and other post-war Engines )

DAWSON, D, (David): ( Oilfield Engines )

DINGLE, W R, (Roy): Paxman 1939-87. Chief Engineer. (d.2014) ( Post-war Paxman Engines )

DRAKE, I W, (Ian): joined Paxman 1975. Chief Design Engineer, MAN Diesel Ltd. Trustee, Paxman Archive Trust. ( Current Paxman Engines; VP185 Turbocharging Arrangements; Torsional Vibration and Viscous Dampers )

EDWARDS, J A, (Jim): Paxman 1933-81 (d. Jan 2014). Formerly Paxman's expert on welding technology. ( Boilers )

FROST, F H, (Fred): Paxman 1941-88. Planning Engineer. ( Boilers )

FROST, M A, (Malcolm): Paxman 1965-95. Development Fitter, then Training Manager, then Personnel Manager.

FURLONG, J H, (John): Paxman 19??-96. Business Systems Analyst. ( Ted Paxman )

GANT, G C, (Geoff): Paxman/Regulateurs Europa 1974-95. Latterly Director & General Manager of Regulateurs Europa Ltd. ( Regulateurs Europa )

GARNER, A E, (Alf): Paxman 1940-51. ( Boilers )

GIPSON, M J, (Mike): Paxman 1988-200?. Latterly Overhauls Manager, MAN Diesel Ltd Paxman. Foundation Trustee, Paxman Archive Trust. Creator and custodian of the Trust's extensive image archive. (d.26-04-16)

GLOVER, M, (Marcel): Paxman 1967-200?. Senior Development Engineer.

HART, R J, (Reg): Paxman 1937-88. Superintendent, Production Electricians. (d.2014)

HOLLOWAY, P, (Peter): ex-RN; Key Account Manager, MAN Diesel Ltd, Paxman. ( Paxman and the Royal Navy )

HOSKING, K J, (Kevin): Paxman 1968-94. Latterly Applications Engineering Manager, then Engineering Manager.

HOWARD, J G, (Graham): Paxman 1985-88. Engineering Director. Subsequently Engineering Director, Mirrlees Blackstone, Stockport. ( Glossary of Diesel Terms )

HULME, P, (Peter): formerly RN submariner, now living in New Zealand. ( Submarines )

JOHNSON, M S, (Mike): Paxman 1958-200?. Formerly Technical Services Officer, librarian and 'keeper' of the Paxman archives. (d.2012)

KNIGHTS, B, (Bruce): Director, Knights Rail Services Ltd. ( Paxman Rail Traction - Shunters )

LANGFORD, J, (John): ( John Langford's Associations with Paxman Diesel Engines )

LAWRENCE, B R, (Brian): Paxman 1940-88. Contracts Engineer. ( Post-war Paxman Engines )

LEGERTON, D J, (David): Paxman 1962-75 and 1990-2002. Formerly Principal Vibration Engineer, MAN Diesel Ltd, Paxman. ( Torsional Vibration and Viscous Dampers )

LOVE, P, (Peter): Magazine Editor and author. ( Portable Steam Engines )

MACLOY, D, (David): Engine enthusiast and restorer, Australia. ( Portable Steam Engines )

MACTAGGART, I C, (Ian): Paxman 1953-89. Engineering Manager, then Divisional Manager, of Paxman Filtration. ( Filters )

MARVIN, A, (Tony): formerly worked for Ruston at Lincoln, Modern Wheel Drive at Slough, then as a Service Engineer for Ruston Paxman in Australia ( Early Paxman spark-ignition engines; MWD Gearboxes; Paxman Diesels in Australia )

McNEIL, C J, (John): Paxman 1981-95. Manager, Management Services Division. GEC ALSTHOM Paxman Diesels Ltd ( Computerised Business Systems )

MEIKLEJOHN, D, (Don): joined Paxman 1969. Technical Support Engineer, MAN Diesel Ltd. Trustee, Paxman Archive Trust. ( Diesel-Electric Marine Propulsion; Post-war Paxman Engines; Identifying Paxman Diesel Engine Types )

MILLER, B, (Brian): Paxman 1962-200?. Production Engineer, then Production Engineering Manager, MAN Diesel Ltd. ( Machine Shops )

NEVARD, J, (John): Paxman 1991-2017. Fabrication Department. ( Filters ) (d.July 2017)

PAGE, S V, (Stan): Paxman 1945-92. Latterly Manager - Engine Assembly & Test. (d.2011)

PAVRY, W L, (Will): Paxman 1979-86, 1987-?. Managing Director 1987-96. Subsequently Group Marketing Director, GEC ALSTHOM Diesels.

PHILLIPS, A B, (Andrew): Historian. Author of Steam and the Road to Glory, The Paxman Story. Foundation Trustee, Paxman Archive Trust.

POPPLETON, D, (David): Paxman 1979-89. Latterly Contracts & Service Manager, Paxman Filtration Division. ( Filters )

POTTS, J J, (John): Paxman 1969-89 (d.2010). Paxman Filtration's North of England Service Engineer, based in Yorkshire ( Filters )

PRYKE, M T, (Martin): Paxman 1959-2007. Most of career spent in the Machine Shops and a respected authority on machining matters. Sometime Machine Shop Manager. ( Machine Shops )

ROXBY, R F, (Ray): Paxman 1942-92. Chief Design Engineer. (d.13-06-2014) ( Post-war Paxman Engines )

SCOTT, A B, (Tony): Paxman 1946-69, Boiler Drawing Office. ( Boilers )

SIMS, C H, (Clive): Paxman 1962-2002. Latterly Chief Development Engineer.

STENT, J, (John): Paxman 1948-89. Chief Designer, Diesel Engine Drawing Office.

STEVENS, D, (Denis): Formerly worked on boiler test-beds. ( Boilers )

STIRLAND, R G, (Roger): Paxman 1979-200?. Quality Control Department.

TAYLOR, N P, (Nick): joined Paxman 1962. Manager, Contracts Administration.

THOMPSON, W K, (Keith): Paxman 1977-89. Senior Filtration Engineer, Paxman Filtration. ( Filters )

TOYNE, R A, (Roy): Joined Paxman/RE 1970. Chief Engineer, Regulateurs Europa Ltd. ( Regulateurs Europa )

TURNER, D F, (Denis): Paxman 1944-92. Applications Engineering Manager, and an authority on diesel rail traction. Also responsible for the preservation of much Paxman archive material. (d.2005) ( Paxman Diesel Rail Traction; Post-war Paxman Engines; Britannia Works )

WALFORD, A G, (Alex): Paxman/Regulateurs Europa 1951-2000. Latterly Principal Engineer - Mechanical, ALSTOM Engines Ltd, Regulateurs Europa. Foundation Trustee, Paxman Archive Trust. (d.17-03-15) (Too many pages to list! A mine of information and acknowledged authority on a wide range of Paxman and other engineering topics.)

WARREN, A V, (Tony): Paxman 1943-89. Latterly Chief Chemist then Chief Filtration Engineer of Paxman Filtration. ( Filters )

WAYLEN, C D, (Colin): Paxman 1969-97. Metallurgist, then Quality Manager.

WEAVERS, R, (Russell): Oil engine collector and restorer (d.27-09-08) ( Early Paxman spark-ignition engines )

WEST, C, (Chris): Railway enthusiast. ( World Railways )

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